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The AI platform for school improvement The tried and tested platform that learns how the brain learns and provides a personalised learning path for every student.

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Reduce Teacher Workload

Automation of routine tasks, built-in cross curricular content, real-time data analytics and auto-marking free up teacher time to enable targeted interventions.

Νέος Puma γυναίκες Υψηλά παπούτσια Tops | Puma Desierto Sneaker L καφέ
Improve Learner Outcomes

AI recognises skill gaps and areas for stretch, generating a personalised learning path for every student. Learning material is differentiated and students receive instant feedback.

Guardian Portal

Keep parents and guardians in the loop with detailed learning insights into their child’s knowledge, skills and progress.

Νέος Puma γυναίκες Υψηλά παπούτσια Tops | Puma Desierto Sneaker L καφέ
What we do

CENTURY improves learning outcomes and reduces teacher workload with artificial intelligence technology. Our truly adaptive platform uses data analytics and cognitive neuroscience to benefit all users.

I’m a Headteacher

  • Access real-time whole-school and individual students’ data
  • Pastoral information easily shared when necessary
  • Identify your school’s learning needs at a macro level

I’m a Teacher

  • See students’ strengths and areas for improvement
  • Set, track and collect homework quickly and easily
  • Save time by automating marking and data reports

I’m a Student

  • Receive learning suggestions personalised to your needs
  • All homework accessible in one place and easy to submit
  • Get immediate feedback on all your learning

I’m a Parent

  • Greater insights into your child’s learning
  • Access to learning materials for your child anytime, anyplace
  • Your child will have access to personalised revision materials

What is CENTURY?

Students learn, are assessed and can complete homework on CENTURY. CENTURY tracks each students behaviour – every click and mouse move – to learn how the student learns and provide each student with a constantly adapting, personalised path to mastery.

CENTURY automatically provides educators with detailed insights into their students’ learning so less time is spent on marking, reporting and data entry.  We enable educators to make informed decisions about their students to create maximum impact.

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"It saves me an hour per week per class on marking and planning" Thom Harrison, Maths Teacher, The North School
"CENTURY is part of the reformation of our workforce and our delivery.  We need solutions that add value and remove pressure, but crucially enable students to take charge of their own learning." Sir Mark Grundy, Executive Principal, Shireland Collegiate Academy
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Νέος Puma γυναίκες Υψηλά παπούτσια Tops | Puma Desierto Sneaker L καφέ

How CENTURY works

We have harnessed effective pedagogical theory, innovative technology and neuroscience in order to reduce teachers’ workload and provide students with an education that is tailored to their needs.

Formative assessments and instant feedback
  • Assessments measure understanding after every topic
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Instant and personalised feedback for students
  • Questions linked to national curriculum assessment objectives
AI technology personalises each student’s learning path
  • Students are recommended the best topic to study next
  • Gaps in knowledge are identified and addressed
  • Encourages independent study and cross-curricular learning
Cognitive neuroscience is used to improve learning
  • Recommendations designed to improve long term memory retention
  • Personalised messages to engage, motivate and encourage a growth mindset
  • Students encouraged to try again to improve over time
Real-time class and student level data insights
  • Insights into students’ knowledge and skills
  • Analysis of learners’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Facilitates timely and targeted interventions
Νέος Puma γυναίκες Υψηλά παπούτσια Tops | Puma Desierto Sneaker L καφέ